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September 16, 2017 - Introducing Beta School 1.12.1Posted by : Gojiragwar


I think with a little prologue things could be explained what's going on with Beta School
Our team has been doing another 1.12 server aside for the current one.
Well what's going on? We have decided to turn this into a funserver with twists, simplicity, easiness, funness.

So into the "more" specific server info with french lines and explanations!

- Starting Items:
You will instantly start at mall with maxed weapon skills and every class spell learned AND bit useless starting items removed, you will also receive automatically bags, some class regeants
60% mount.

- Starting Vendors/Trainers:
The vendors will include pre-raid bis along with another rare pieces and the trainers will train your talent spells for free

- Quests for gold and dungeon 2 pieces:
There will be a quest line towards obtaining D2 along with gold, higher reputation you get by doing the quests, and the higher reputation you have more rewarding it will be.

- Starting Area/Mall:
The mall will be non-pvp'ed zone and will include all the important npc aspects of WoW + teleporter

- 5-?? man raids:
At launch ZQ, AQ20, MC will be nerfed down to 5 man challenging raids. No, it's not following the blizzlike raid progression release list.

- Vendors:
We decided to put Items up to ZQ/AQ to vendors as gold cost, the price for items will be, 2Handers = 1500g, Epics = 1000g, Rares 500g

- PvP:
- R10 will be set as 1000g each (without rank requirement) and the insignia will be 50g
- Winner team will obtain a chest which includes (BG Depentand) up to 1-4 prof items with marks and 0.01% Chance that an item from PvE (max MC for now) Will be in it! it will be the same for losers bag with less rewards and lower chance to obtain an epic item from it but still it has a chance!
- R13 will be replaced to R10 ranks
- BG Reputation items will be added as gold cost
- WSG Mark = 5G AB Mark = 10g AV Mark = 20g

- Hearthstone:
Will be set to 10 minutes cooldown.

That's the vision what we have now and excuse my typo's. But we always would like to hear more from you players! Do you have any suggestions? Be sure to post them on forums so we can take a look!
Thank you for reading this.

- Team Oldschool

August 30, 2017 - [Event] Level Up !Posted by : Goku


1. Insane - Undead Mage
2. Draklar - Orc Warrior
3. Veritos - Undead Rogue
4. Baksteen - Human Paladin
5. Dareth - Human Paladin
6. Ixer - Orc Rogue
7. Magic - Undead Mage
8. Nature - Tauren Druid
9. Chris - Human Paladin

Because he is the first who reached level 60, he will get an extra prize, he can choose whatever weapon he wants. Congratz !

This list will be edited until the first 50 characters reach level 60.

August 29, 2017 - The Store is temporarily disabledPosted by : Goku


We disabled the Store for adding new items.
The store will be back online shortly.
Thank you !

Best regards,

August 28, 2017 - [Event] Level up !Posted by : Goku

Hi everyone. Because it's a new server i decided to make an event, we all like to be boosted when we start to play somewhere, even i like to be boosted. I boost you and you boost me. This means the first 50 characters with level 60 will be rewarded with full Tier 3 and you boost me because you play on this server and you help me to make it better. Fair enough, right?

Event Info:

- Be the first who reach level 60 and get the reward.
- Only first 50 characters with level 60 will be rewarded.


- Full Tier 3 set

Thank you for joining !

August 27, 2017 - Server back online !Posted by : Goku

Server is ONLINE.
Thank you for your patience.